Athletics In Motion

Coaching Assistance

All Coaching is $30/hour


Joe Medica


Baseball Head Coach

I have been playing and coaching sports for the better part of 45 years.  It’s been a very important and formative part of my life.  I played football, baseball and basketball growing up, and have coached those sports plus soccer and flag football.  Coaching has been a passion of mine since my boys (22 and 13) started playing sports.  It’s the reason I opened Athletics In Motion (AIM) in the first place.  I believe that all players should have a safe place to hone their skills, and that’s the purpose of AIM.  I hire only the most qualified and passionate coaches – each will work hard with your child to improve their skills AND make sure they have fun doing it.
Personally, I coach all aspects of baseball skills, and can work with softball players on everything except pitching – that takes special experience and training.  That why I have Alyssa!

Alyssa Youst

Assistant Softball Coach

Pitching, Softball, Fielding

Hi I’m Alyssa, I’ve been playing softball for 8 years now. During these times I have evolved not only as a teammate but as a person. I’ve coached numerous camps and clinics. During my earlier years of playing I’ve learned so much about the game from traveling and taking part in every softball camp I could, and I would love to mentor and pass down what I have learned to the next upcoming ball players!


Ethan Naftzinger

Assistant Baseball Coach

Hitting, Pitching (Right) Fielding, Catcher

I played baseball, basketball and soccer. I’ve played baseball for 15 years, soccer for 13 years and basketball for 10 years. I’ve coached various baseball and soccer tournaments, camps and clinics. I currently play baseball for Penn State Schuylkill. I’ve been taught many different things from a variety of coaches to make me better and I can’t wait to pass it on to the next generation of ball players.