Athletics In Motion


Turf - Batting Cages - Pitching Mounds

Indoor Turf Field

AIM provides 5,500 square feet of indoor turf – padded for your safety.  The surface is ideal for all outdoor field sports – soccer, baseball, softball, field hockey, football, lacrosse and track and field.

If it is played outdoors on a field, you can practice it here!

Batting Cages

AIM will provide access to two high quality batting cages, suitable for baseball, softball or any sport where pitching or hitting a ball needs to be practiced.

For batting practice, cages can be used without the machines if the coach want to pitch manually to the players.

A pitching machine can be added to either cage for an additional cost.

Pitching Mounds

Athletics in Motion has multiple pitching mound options for all baseball and softball players.  We can adjust the plate position to meet any needs up to 60′ from mound to plate!